Divisions of The Linde Group

Gases Division

The Linde Group is a world leader in the international gases market. We offer a wide range of compressed and liquefied gases as well as chemicals, which makes us an important and reliable partner for a huge variety of industries.

Our gases are used, for example, in the energy sector, steel production, chemical processing, environmental protection, and welding, as well as in food processing, glass production and electronics.

We are also investing in the expansion of our fast-growing Healthcare business, i.e. medical gases, and we are a leading global player in the development of environmentally friendly hydrogen technology. 
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Engineering Division

Our Engineering Division is successful throughout the world. It focuses on promising market segments such as olefin plants, natural gas plants and air separation plants, as well as hydrogen and synthesis gas plants.

In contrast to virtually all our competitors, we are able to call on our own extensive process engineering expertise in the planning, project development and construction of turnkey industrial plants.

Linde plants are used in a wide variety of fields: in the petrochemical and chemical industries, in refineries, fertiliser plants and in the pharmaceutical industry. Linde also constructs plants to recover air gases, produce hydrogen and synthesis gases and treat natural gas.
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Gist Division

Gist combines leading-edge experience and expertise to offer a range of solutions to transform supply chains. We offer all or a combination of design, set up, implementation and operational management through to supply chain consulting services depending on a company’s current operations and future plans.
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