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Coil-wound heat exchangers (CWHEs) are required for a wide range of applications involving fluid treatment. They must support broad temperature and pressure ranges as well as single- and two-phase streams.

We custom-design and build CWHEs for the widest application spectrum, always meeting individual thermal and hydraulic performance needs. To support individual temperature range and corrosion resistance requirements, we use an almost unrestricted range of materials including austenitic steels, aluminium alloys, carbon steel, nickel and chrome/moly alloys. Our CWHEs are extremely robust, in particular during start-up, shut-down and accidental interruption. They are typically used as coolers, heaters, liquefiers, vaporisers and isothermal reactors.

Transport / Spiral wound Heat Exchanger
We have the expertise and experience to deliver CWHEs weighing up to around 260 tons per unit, with diameters of up to 7,500 mm and heating surfaces in excess of 20,000 square meters. Pressures of up to 200 bar are possible. On request, we can also build larger, heavier units and deliver tube-in-tube exchangers for special applications. Here we use dedicated workshops located close to waterways for final assembly.

Highlights of our CWHEs: 

  • Broad temperature and pressure ranges

  • Multiple fluids treated in a single exchanger

  • Compact footprint with high specific transfer area

  • High pressure service

  • Robust design capable of absorbing start-ups, shut-downs and thermo shocks

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