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Plate-fin heat exchangers

PFHEs are key components in many process plants which help save space and costs.

Packaged units / coldboxes

Packaged units are utilised for the treatment of cryogenic fluids and gases.

Cryogenic columns

Cryogenic columns are pressure vessels made of aluminium alloy.

Coil-wound heat exchangers (CWHEs)

CWHEs efficiently transfer heat supporting broad temperature and pressure ranges.

Cryogenic tanks

Cryogenic tanks store industrial gases in liquid form at cryogenic temperatures.

Air-heated vaporisers

Air-heated vaporisers use ambient heat to evaporate and superheat cryogenic fluids.

Water bath vaporisers

Water bath vaporisers are used in petrochemical and cryogenic plants to vaporise liquefied gases.

Spiral-welded aluminium pipes

The pipes made of aluminium and a range of aluminium alloys can be up to 18 metres long.

Helium storage tanks

The tanks use liquid nitrogen for the storage of helium to ensure best holding time.

Trailers and semi-trailers

The trailers transport air gases, LNG, and ethylene as well as liquid carbon dioxide (LIC).

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