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Plate-fin heat exchangers play a key role in many different industries. We offer a range of different designs for various cryogenic applications.

Single blocks

Aluminium Plate-fin Heat Exchangers

A single PFHE- blocks comprises the following components:

  • Brazed core

  • Stub ends

  • Flanges



  • Very compact design

  • Low weight

  • Small possible temperature differences

  • Highly efficient heat transfer

  • Low pressure drops

Piped PFHE systems

Soldered 4 Block Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger assembled

A piped PFHE system comprises several exchanger blocks that are assembled and installed in a transport frame with support beams. Each battery of blocks is insulated on site.



  • Handling of large flowrates

  • Optimised configuration for proper flow distribution

  • Flanged terminations for time effective installation at site 


Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

A coldbox covers several exchangers, vessels, piping, instrumentation and valves installed in a carbon steel compartment.



  • Cost-effective solution

  • Perlite filling (insulation)

  • Supplied as a turnkey packaged unit

  • Time effective installation at site



Aluminium Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers, Block-in shell

A block-in-shell comprises one or more heat exchanger blocks installed in a shell instead of a tube bundle. This is a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative to standard shell-and-tube heat exchangers. 



  • Tighter approach temperatures

  • Smaller size and weight

  • Lower installation costs

  • Reduced operating costs due to lower energy consumption

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Packaged Units / Coldboxes

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