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Our aluminium plate-fin heat exchangers (PFHEs) are key components in many process plants. Their compact footprint helps save space and costs in a wide range of facilities, including air separation plants, petrochemical and gas treatment plants as well as natural gas and helium liquefaction plants.

Our PFHEs are brazed in vacuum furnaces without using flux. This means that all cores are delivered completely free from corrosive residue and post-brazing cleaning steps are not required.

Highlights of our PFHEs:

  • Tailor-made design

  • Proven vacuum brazing technology

  • High thermal efficiency through variable fin configurations

  • Aluminium alloys for optimum heat exchange between clean gases and liquids at low temperatures

  • Simultaneous heat exchange between multiple streams

  • Suitable for single-phase and mixed-phase fluids

  • Arrangement of streams in counter-flow, cross-flow or flow combinations

  • Wide range of fin types with different surface areas for optimised equipment design

  • Superior computer software for thermal and hydraulic design


Linde Engineering is also one of the founding members of the Aluminium Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger Manufacturers Association (ALPEMA).

Linde AG, Engineering Division, Schalchen Plant

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83342 Tacherting

Phone +49.8621.85-6434
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Linde is a founder of the Aluminium Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger Manufacturers Association.
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