Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) plant in Bernburg, Germany. Please note: Labelling is not CD-compliant. Before reuse, adaptation is recommended.

Oxygen generator plants by LindeCompact, energy-saving pressure swing adsorption (oxygen PSA) plants by Linde Engineering: For easy, on-demand oxygen production.

Our PSA oxygen generator plants are based on a reliable, flexible and trouble-free vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) process. They are the perfect fit for on-stream applications that require low-cost gaseous oxygen with purity levels of up to 95 percent per volume.

Which Linde oxygen generator is right for you?

Our portfolio consists of three different types of oxygen generator (V)PSA plants as following:

  • VPSA: Our customised oxygen VPSA plants range in capacity from around 300 Nm³/h up to 10,000 Nm³/h and can produce oxygen purities between 90 and 95 percent per volume.

  • VPSA C series: We offer several pre-engineered, fully standardised and containerised VPSA plants for capacities between 300 Nm³/h and 2,000 Nm³/h (our C series). The C series plants are easily accessible and easy to maintain. They are quick to set up and commissioned on site and can also be easily relocated.

  • PSA: Furthermore, we offer an alternative oxygen PSA process, without vacuum regeneration for low oxygen production capacities of 50 Nm³/h to 500 Nm³/h.

Our oxygen generator PSA and VPSA plants deliver a host of benefits including:

  • Oxygen on demand

  • Energy efficiency

  • Easy partial load operation

  • High availability

  • Fully automated operation

Linde Engineering – Full flexibility in oxygen production

Linde Engineering is specialized in efficient plant construction. Our focus on customer demands enables us to develop plants with optimum energy efficiency that significantly reduce costs – whether oxygen production demands are high or low in volume.


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