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Packaged air separation plants are widely prefabricated and thoroughly tested prior to delivery and start-up. They can produce up to 850 tpd (25,000 Nm³/h) of oxygen (GOX and LOX), or up to 2000 tpd (66,000 Nm³/h) of nitrogen (GAN and LIN) and argon (GAr and LAr).

Our packaged air separation plants comprise the following components:

  • Compressors delivered as packaged units (heat exchangers and other equipment may be partially dismantled for transport)

  • Preassembled mole sieve valve skid including switching valves, fittings and piping (tested and isolated)

  • Cryogenic rectification system delivered as packaged unit coldboxes (preassembled and factory tested)

  • Prefabricated skid-mounted cryogenic pumps

  • Skid-mounted expansion turbines with booster and oil system

  • Standard size control container equipped with all requisite features (air conditioning device and heating) including the operator/engineering station (HMI), DCS and automatic analysers for plant operation

  • Standard size substation container equipped with all requisite features as well as medium voltage (MV) equipment, MV/LV step down transformer and low voltage (LV) equipment

  • Instrumentation design based on controllers with local remote I/O units assigned to individual process groups

Our packaged air separation plants can be easily assembled and commissioned on site, saving customers time and money.

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