Air separation plant Pearl GTL in Qatar 

Used for Unique Setup

Tonnage air separation plantsThe leading contractor for customised air separation plant solutions the world over, Linde Engineering has designed and built over 100 tonnage air separation plants in the past 20 years.

We design our tonnage air separation plants to meet individual customer requirements. They are generally used to generate oxygen, nitrogen, argon, krypton, xenon, helium and neon, with unit sizes or oxygen capacities ranging from 850 tpd (25,000 Nm³/h) to 5,500 tpd (160,000 Nm³/h). We build these plants on site and also offer prefabricated solutions that can be delivered as packaged units.

At the more compact end of the portfolio, we offer pre-engineered solutions, using a modular platform to configure tonnage air separation plants for individual customer needs. This approach enables us to offer highly competitive solutions and speed up project execution.

We are also a leader in the design and construction of very large air separation units (ASUs) capable of producing over 3,500 tpd of oxygen. We recently secured contracts to build world-scale ASUs in Qatar, China and India.

Our traditional customer base for tonnage air separation plants is concentrated in the steel industry. Today, however, new markets are emerging with the development of new applications such as coal to liquid (CTL), gas to liquid (GTL) and enhanced oil recovery (EOR), all of which require large amounts of oxygen and nitrogen (up to 30,000 tpd and 50,000 tpd respectively). As the market leader in state-of-the-art multiple train solutions, we are ideally placed to capitalise on these trends.