Finished dosage forms

Pills - dragées - effervescent tablets - capsules - ointments - gels - juices - tinctures - infusions - injections - single-use syringes - patches

Influenza vaccine plant in Dresden, Germany  


Dosage form fabrication – achieving a product form suitable for use in health-care practice – is the last step of production of pharmaceuticals. The focus lies on sterile systems due to the large number of products available for intravenous administration. The spectrum of references also includes other critical dosage forms such as effervescent tablets and patches. Linde masters the high demands placed on product, person and environmental protection in plant design, from closed-system manufacturing to high-purity facilities.

Its experts can advise you on the full range of automation options, cleaning issues such as CIP/SIP, and prevention of cross-contamination through targeted flows of personnel and materials. In plants constructed for hormone and cytostatic drug processing, Linde has designed injection lines, qualified isolators and commissioned freeze dryers with automatic charging and unloading for these products.

Specialist know-how encompasses

  • Integrated plant designs in laminar flow realisation, RABS, CRABS, isolators

  • Isolators for handling and filling

  • Enclosed stopper handling

  • Final sterilisation and aseptic production, with or without freeze-drying

  • Production of sterile gels and hormone tablets

  • Organic film coating and solvent recovery

  • Equipment selection and control systems for plants manufacturing solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms and for warehouses (including high-bay warehouses)

  • Capacity calculations for existing and projected production facilities


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