Human Blood plasma fractionation

Cohn fractions - factor VIII - vWF - fibrinogen - factor IX - PPSB - protein C - factor VII - factor XIII - AT III - factor XI - immunoglobulines - a-1 inhibitor - albumin

Fractionating human blood plasma yields purified and concentrated proteins from which drugs or vaccines can be made. The main steps in blood plasma fractionation are largely standardised and considered common knowledge in the field. Here, product-specific know-how lies with the operator and presents itself primarily in the variation of process parameters. The extensive experience in plant-specific process implementation stems from numerous projects for many customers. Expertise guarantees purity of isolated proteins and gap-free traceability along the entire process chain. We design and install facilities for Cohn fractionation of donated plasma and downstream processing of the concentrated fractions (pastes) as well as equipment for direct product recovery via chromatographic processes.

The specific know-how in these fields includes

  • Cutting and pooling of donated plasma

  • Controlled-temperature thawing

  • Concentration and temperature gradient minimisation

  • Low-shear homogenisation

  • Paste precipitation with optimal flake structure

  • Paste separation non-destructive to flake structure

  • Equipment selection and design for optimal process control in fine fractionation (thermal and chemical inactivation, ultrafiltration, diafiltration, nanofiltration, chromatography)

The scope of our worldwide projects keeps us in close contact with proprietors  of various processes for human blood plasma fractionation. Through this network, we can also match your projects with appropriate licensing partners.


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