Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Antibiotics - vaccines - hormones - animal insulin - recombinant human insulin - therapeutics enzymes - erythropoietin - monoclonal antibodies

Facilities for pharmaceutical biotechnology are process facilities based on the application of extremely specific and innovative high-tech solutions. Technologies must fulfill stringent process reproducibility standards to promote validation and ensure consistent, uniform product quality.
In designing highly complex process stages, Linde draws on its vast experience, for example in the purification of delicate biotechnology products. The experts grasp the special features of your biotechnology processes, analyse your project’s technological challenges, oversee equipment specification and selection and are familiar with the vendor market. 


The core competence includes

  • Microbial fermentation

  • Cell culture fermentation

  • Harvesting techniques

  • Purification methods (chromatography, UF/DF)

  • Buffer and media formulation systems

  • Formulation and filling techniques

  • Disposable systems

  • Cryotechnology and storage

Product quality and protection of people and the environment stand side by side as principal guides of our effort in every project phase. As necessary, Linde therefore observes requirements of biosafety levels 1–4 in the design and construction of your facility.


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