Ethylene plant in Tasnee, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia / Oktober 2008

Chemical and petrochemical plantsLinde Engineering leverages its outstanding technology know-how and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) experience to deliver complex, large-scale chemical and petrochemical plants.

Chemical and petrochemical plants convert natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas, ores and minerals into products for a wide range of applications. They produce many important building blocks for industry processes, including ethylene, propylene, butadiene, and aromatics.

We are a world-leading provider of the technology required to steam crack gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons and separate cracking products into important raw materials for downstream petrochemical processes.

Over the last decade, petrochemical plants have increased in size and complexity. At Linde Engineering, we have the technology know-how and EPC expertise to meet the challenges involved in building these complex facilities – whatever the scale.

These plants are a challenge with respect to complexity and scale, which have increased significantly in the last decade. Linde Engineering's leading position in this area is based on combining outstanding technology and EPC execution competence for large scale plants. 


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