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Polyolefin Plants/Downstream Petrochemicals

During more than 30 years in the polyethylene and polypropylene business, Linde has gained profound knowledge. Linde has acquired applicable skills and experience to support customers with the full range of solutions for the polyolefin plants and petrochemical plants downstream of ethylene plants/crackers. We provide expertise for the execution of projects starting with planning and design through procurement up to plant commissioning to accomplish a successful business opportunity for both customer and Linde.

Licensed process steps for Ethylene Technology

Linde's ethylene process consists of a series of process steps, most of them developed and licensed by Linde.  

However, some of these units, mainly catalytic process steps or downstream processes, incorporate technologies, developed and licensed by other companies. 

Integration of these license processes within the ethylene process is beneficial as during engineering and execution phase, overall synergies can be utilized. 

For the following processes licensed technologies are available to be integrated with Linde ethylene technology :

  • Butene 1 dimerization

  • Selective or full C3 and C4 hydrogenation

  • 1 or 2 stage Gasoline Hydrogenation

  • Butadiene Extraction

  • Aromatics Extraction

  • MTBE

  • CO Methanation 

However, these are just examples for typical processes where an integration of a licensed technology is beneficial.

If required also license processes for other process steps can be integrated within the engineering workflow of Linde Engineering.

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