Standort: United Olefins Complex in Al-Jubail/Saudi Arabien; United Petrochemical Company; Art der Anlage: Anlage zur Herstellung von  linearen Alpha Olefinen; Verfahren: Sabic Linde "Alpha-Sablin"-Prozess; Inbetriebnahme: 2006; Location: United Olefins Complex in Al-Jubail/Saudi Arabia&; Client: United Petrochemical Company
Plant type: Linear Alpha Olefins Plant; Process: Sabic Linde "Alpha-Sablin" Process; Start-up: 2006&; (LAO)

α-SABLIN® technologyLinde Engineering’s patented α-SABLIN® process is significantly more advanced than competing technologies, delivering outstanding catalyst selectivity and productivity at moderate pressure levels.

The a-SABLIN® process was developed by Linde Engineering and Saudi-based Sabic. It harnesses the catalytic oligomersation of ethylene to produce a mix of alpha olefins. These alpha olefins can then be used for a wide range of applications, for example as co-monomers or precursors to tensides as well as lubricants and different specialty/performance chemicals.

The reaction takes place in the liquid phase in the presence of a homogenous catalyst system. The catalyst system can be modified in line with customer requirements to shift distribution from maximum light ends (C4, C6, C8) to heavier products.

The moderate pressure level of the a-SABLIN® process and the high selectivity and productivity of the catalyst are advantageous compared to competing technologies.

The first commercial scale plant has a capacity of 150,000 MTA and is operated by Jubail United Petrochemical Company (UNITED) in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Linde Engineering has been commissioned to build another plant of this type in Nishnekamsk, Russia. This technology is licensed by Linde Engineering and Sabic.



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