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In particular Linde cracking furnaces excel in:

  • Cracking selectivity

  • Energy efficiency, heat recovery and emissions

  • Operability and run length

  • Furnace capacity

  • Availability and maintainability

Linde’s proprietary PyroCrack technology optimally meets your requirements for the full spectrum of feedstocks – from light hydrocarbons (ethane, propane and butane) through naphtha up to heavy liquid feedstocks such as gas oils and hydrocracker residues. This outstanding feed flexibility is beneficially used in the design of "mixed-feed crackers" - ethylene plants processing several feed types simultaneously.

Never taking a standard process design from the shelf, but rather optimizing our furnace designs to fulfill the specific needs and objectives of our customers, Linde can be counted on to provide the latest advances in furnace designs. Our exclusive short-residence-time coil designs achieve maximum olefin yields and excellent furnace run lengths while providing mechanical robustness for long life at the same time.

Highest Furnace Capacities

Our twin radiant cell design – a cracking furnace set-up consisting of two radiant cells with a common intermediate convection section – have been designed with ethylene production capacities of up to 250.000 metric tons per annum.  These capacities allow us to supply today’s mega-crackers, minimizing the number of furnaces required for these plants. As a result, our furnace capacities set the benchmark regarding capital and operational expenditure for cracking furnaces.

High Performance

Linde's ethylene furnaces are designed for maximum availability and reliability. A PyroCrack radiant coil can be connected to any conventional quench exchanger type as well as to the most modern linear type transfer line exchangers (LQE) ensuring low pressure loss, highest selectivity, and minimum maintenance.

We have experience with all possible firing concepts. Today’s furnaces are either equipped with a combination of floor and sidewall burners, or up to 100 percent floor firing, depending on our customer’s preferences and the optimum configuration for each individual project.

Safety is one of our highest priorities; hence firing systems are designed to comply with most recent safety standards (e.g. EN 746-2, NFPA). Sophisticated burner management systems ensure safe and easy operation which, if requested, may even encompass complete remote operation of the units.

Design for High Energy and Emission Efficiency

Linde’s furnaces have consistently fulfilled their guarantees regarding thermal efficiencies and emissions. Our commitment is to provide ethylene furnaces that comply with all environmental requirements and are therefore high on energy and emission efficiency.

Our furnaces are equipped with state-of-the-art low-NOx or ultra-low NOx burners. If necessary, we design them with an SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) incorporated in the convection section.

Our furnace designs minimize particulate emissions during decoking.  This is accomplished either by re-routing the effluent gas back to the firebox for combustion, or by installation of a separator such as a cyclone to meet applicable regulations.

Continuous Technological Development

Our continued success providing pyrolysis furnaces for the production of olefins has afforded us unrivalled experience. Linde’s commitment to continually improve the technology and operating efficiencies of our furnace design is the cornerstone of our success. Within Linde’s Research and Development facilities we operate our own pilot plant for cracking of any type of feedstock. In this way valuable operating data are gathered on a regular basis.

Sophisticated computer programs such as Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling enable our engineers to simulate fluid flow, combustion processes and heat transfer. Together, these resources lead us to improved furnace designs and provide the basis to address increasing needs to lower emissions and improve efficiency and operability of our ethylene furnaces designs.

Linde – The Furnace Company

Linde Engineering is the owner of the proprietary Linde Cracking Furnace Technology for which we provide process design and basic engineering. The detail engineering and construction is performed by two 100 percent subsidiaries of Linde – Selas-Linde GmbH (Germany) and Selas Fluid Processing Corporation (USA). Both companies have shown excellence performance in the past in successfully translating Linde's ambitious design principles.

We are pleased to offer you the top-of-class cracking furnace technology from one source, covering engineering, procurement and construction.

Linde AG, Engineering Division

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82049 Pullach
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