Impurity Multicomponent Detector WE34M-3 for Helium Users, Pyrolyzer SM38

Equipment and accessoriesCryogenic plants need specific equipment.

The storage of liquid helium at low pressure requires vacuum-insulated dewars or tanks. Linde offers stationary tanks and dewars as well as transportable dewars in various sizes for the transport and distribution of liquids.

Distribution systems and valve boxes

Filling liquid helium or hydrogen into tanks, transport containers or transport dewars as well as the distribution of liquid helium from dewars or valve boxes to experiments require transfer lines or highly complex distribution systems. Linde supplies a full range of pipework and systems for this purpose: from simple filling siphons to complex LN2-shielded valves, distribution boxes and multiple transfer lines.

Analysis equipment

Linde Kryotechnik AG offers a number of analytical devices for detection and measurement of contaminants in helium. Even traces of air components such as nitrogen and neon or moisture can cause operating problems in cryogenic processes. The Linde Multi-Component Detector measures the various air contaminants in the vpm range. The main features of these devices are: continuous measurement of air contaminants in helium; no need for carrier gas; simple installation; reliable operation.

For measuring oil mist in helium, Linde supplies a pyrolyser. This add-on is attached to the basic unit (see above) and measures oil contaminants in helium in the ppm range. The device is calibrated for the oil type used and provides measurements at regular intervals.