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This reactor provides the benefits of a tube reactor while simultaneously avoiding the heat tension problems of a straight tube reactor.

Coil-Wound Heat Exchanger, Isotherm Reactor
Gas/gas, gas/liquid and liquid/liquid reactions can be carried out.

The palpable head of gases and liquids as well as the latent evaporation heat can be used for cooling or heating operations.

The heating or cooling tube bundle embedded in the catalyst transfers the
reaction heat in such a way that the catalyst can work at an optimum

This results in higher outputs, a longer catalyst lifetime, fewer by-products as well as efficient recovery of the reaction heat and lower reaction costs. 

Isothermal reactor, methanol catalyst

The development of the Linde reactor was carried out with a particular view toward exothermic reaction and steam generation.

The reactor is based on the design of the specially wound heat exchangers, with which Linde has been able to collect decades of experience in its own production facilities. The Linde isothermal reactor is in operation world-wide in more than 19 plants, among them eight methanol plants.

Isotherm Reactor in Plaquemine, USA
The reactor is advantageously applicable, e.g. in the following chemical industry processes:  

  • methanol synthesis
  • carbon monoxide shift conversion
  • hydrogenation
  • methanization
  • CLINSULF® sulfur recovery
  • ethylene oxide synthesis
  • synthesis of long-chain alcohols


Hydrogen PSA Leuna


TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH

synthesis gas conversion in the Linde isothermal reactor, hydrogen and carbon dioxide separation in pressure swing adsorption units  

53,000 Nm³/h synthesis gas

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