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Natural Gas is among the most important sources of energy in the world. Today approximately 25% of the world's energy demand is derived from natural gas. The majority of natural gas is delivered by pipeline in gaseous form. However, in the past two decades Liquefied Natural Gas ("LNG") has gained importance in the world's energy market. Natural gas and LNG in particular, is expected to play a growing role in world energy supply.

LNG is natural gas in its liquid form. In order to liquefy natural gas, it must be cooled. As a liquid, natural gas occupies only 1/600th of the volume of natural gas (at atmospheric pressure) in its gaseous form and thereby allows for more economic and practical transportation over great distances. Natural gas is typically transported in liquid state when vast distances, geological or political conditions do not allow for construction of pipelines.

Natural gas typically contains a mixture of methane and heavier hydrocarbon gases, as well as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water and a range of other unwanted components. Unwanted components must be removed and the heavier hydrocarbons separated prior to liquefying and transporting natural gas. This involves a combination of adsorptive, absorptive and cryogenic processes - all of which are part of Linde's core competence.

Calling on more than 125 years of experience as a cryogenic plant designer, Linde is able to offer Natural Gas Liquefaction plants for a wide range of uses and capacities:

Linde has developed and constructed a wide variety of tailor-made liquefaction processes and plants. Linde Engineering's range of experience includes small to mid scale Natural Gas Liquefaction plants with annual LNG capacities of 50.000 to 500.000 tonnes as well as a world-scale LNG export plant ("Snøhvit ") with a capacity of more than 4 million tonnes per year. The process portfolio includes expander processes as well as single, dual and triple flow processes with a variety of mixed refrigerant options suitable for plants with capacities up to 10 mtpa. Linde holds patents for a number of natural gas liquefaction processes such as the Mixed Fluid Cascade (MFC®) process and LIMUM (Linde Multi stage Mixed refrigerant). 

Linde Engineering is a leading supplier of cryogenic equipment. It is also the only supplier offering both coil wound and plate fin heat exchangers, which are integral to the natural gas liquefaction process. Linde Engineering is unique among EPC contractors in the LNG business in that it can offer the client its own liquefaction technologies as well as its own core cryogenic equipment and complete EPC services.

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