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At the wellhead natural gas typically contains a mixture of methane and heavier hydrocarbon gases, as well as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water and a range of other unwanted components. Natural gas is colourless, shapeless and odourless in its pure form.

Unwanted components must be removed and the heavier hydrocarbons must be separated prior to transporting or liquefying natural gas. These treatment steps involve a combination of adsorptive, absorptive and cryogenic processes - all of which are part of Linde's core competence.

Due to extensive experience in the gas processing industry Linde Engineering can offer technology and process design services for all processes required for optimum commercialization of natural gas mixtures. These processes include required pretreatment steps, extraction of condensates, NGL and LPG, the removal of nitrogen and the production of different grades of helium.

Additionally Linde Engineering is not only a supplier of the proprietary heat exchange equipment that lies at the heart of most of the above mentioned processes, Linde Engineering is also the only equipment manufacturer who can offer both coil-wound as well as plate-fin heat exchangers.

Linde Engineering has a long track record of successfully executing the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning/start-up for all of the above mentioned technologies on a Lump Sum Turnkey basis.

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