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With over 125 years of experience with cryogenic process technologies, manufacturing of cryogenic process key equipment and expertise as an EPC contractor, Linde is in a position to work closley with its customers to develop customized nitrogen removal units for LNG plants, enhanced oil recovery projects and natural gas upgrading projects.

The Linde portfolio for nitrogen rejection units includes single and double column processes. In order to handle the special challenges presented by associated gas from enhanced oil recovery efforts, such as increasing nitrogen composition, a pre-separation column or a nitrogen recycle process are applied.

Furthermore the process and equipment design can be tailored to accommodate the large swings in plant load which can occur in NRU's serving complex gas well networks. Linde is also a leading provider of the pre-treatment units and gas separation plants required upstream of the NRU.


NRU-modul of an LNG plant

Woodside Energy Ltd.

Plant location:
Karratha, Australia

Nitrogen recovery unit for Pluto LNG

Feed gas capacity 160,000 Nm³/h


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