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Linde has been developing and optimizing gas processing, separation and liquefaction technologies for 140 years.
Your Partner for the Production and Processing of Gases
Building on its vast and unique experience, Linde has been developing and optimizing gas processing, separation and liquefaction technologies for 140 years. Through trusted, lasting business relationships, we collaborate closely with customers the world over to develop tailored solutions that maximize plant lifecycle productivity, efficiency and service life. Our plants play an indispensable role in the success of customers across multiple industries – from natural gas and oil refining through petrochemicals and fertilizers to electronics and metal processing.
Linde plc, PSA unit, Leuna, Germany Engineers in workwear Air separation units near Yinchuan City, China.

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team, responsible for the strategic direction of the company and fully committed to Linde’s values implementing the business objectives.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

As responsible citizens, we take an active part in our communities. We provide sustainable contributions to the neighborhoods where we live and work.
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Driving Ground-Breaking Technologies

Over 1,000 process patents and more than 4,000 successful builds bear clear testimony to our strong innovative drive and impressive technology portfolio.

Separating and Purifying Gases

Our air separation plants produce vital industrial gases such as oxygen and nitrogen, as well as argon and other noble gases. Customers can choose from a tailored build or modular solution. Our hydrogen and synthesis gas plants produce hydrogen, carbon monoxide and mixtures of these two gases, as well as ammonia and methanol. We also provide adsorptive and cryogenic processes for natural gas processing. The latest adsorption and membrane technologies round out our portfolio, ensuring customers can rely on us for the entire gas separation process flow.

Liquefying Gases

Natural gas can be efficiently stored and transported over long distances in cryogenic form as liquefied natural gas (LNG). Industry customers often also require other gases such as nitrogen and oxygen in liquid form. We are the only manufacturer to produce both coil-wound and plate-fin heat exchangers for these cryogenic liquefaction processes. Renowned research institutes the world over rely on our proven, tailor-made cryogenic solutions.

Thermal Processes

Petrochemical plants produce important industrial feedstocks such as olefins, including ethylene, propylene and butadiene. We provide the steam crackers needed to recover these commodities. We also manufacture process and refinery furnaces and are a leading provider of hydrogen and syngas plants.

Plant Components & Turbo Machinery

From cryogenic columns and tanks through heat exchangers to coldboxes and pre-manufactured plant modules, we manufacture core process components for a wide range of plant types. Customers can also rely on us for the fabrication of turbo machinery such as turbines, pumps and compressors and other specialist equipment.

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Our Company 

Every day around the world, our people are inspired by our mission of making our world more productive. As a leading global industrial gases and engineering company, we deliver high-quality solutions, technologies and services which are making our customers more successful and helping to sustain, decarbonize and protect our planet. 

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Making Energy Clean 

We are actively contributing to the widespread adoption of clean energy, such as hydrogen and its derivatives, and significantly cutting emissions through carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies. We are committed to making our world more productive, sustainably through our operations and engineering expertise, established infrastructure and strong investment in decarbonization projects and R&D.

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Community Engagement 

Community is a corporate value at Linde.  Connecting with the communities where we live and work and fostering resilience are a key priorities for us. Our global giving and community engagement efforts frame a wide variety of impactful projects in each of our businesses across key focus areas.  Through efforts that include charitable contributions, volunteering, and strategic investments, our people live our mission of making our world more productive every day. 

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Linde

With operations in more than 80 countries -- diversity isn't something that Linde does, it's simply who we are:

  • Linde serves a diverse range of customers. Our engineering, gases and application technologies are essential to businesses of every type and size, as well as individuals all over the world.
  • Our people are diverse. Our employees around the globe each bring their diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences and help foster a collaborative, innovative and performance-driven workplace that helps achieve our mission of making our world more productive.
  • At Linde, inclusion is a core value. That means we strive to provide an environment where individuals of all backgrounds and experiences feel comfortable bringing their ideas to the table and are given the opportunity to be heard and to contribute.

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Guided by Integrity 

Integrity is one of our core values. It is at the heart of everything we do and say at Linde. Ethical, respectful, fair, and compliant behaviors build transparency and trust, creating a solid basis for growth and prosperity to the benefit of our employees, customers, suppliers, markets and communities.

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Building a Robust Supply Chain

We value the role our suppliers and contractors play in our ability to deliver on the promises to our customers and to the communities is which we operate. We choose our suppliers carefully based on merit as well as alignment with our values, with Linde’s Supplier Code of Conduct and Code of Business Integrity. We continue to foster diversity and local sourcing. Further, we actively invest in our supplier relationships.

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Zero Today  

Zero Today means we are driving toward zero incidents and zero injuries today and every day.  The Values, Commitments and Safety Principles in our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy are the foundation for Zero Today at Linde, and our core value of Safety keeps us focused every day on what matters most: the well-being of our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

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Sustainability in Focus

At Linde, we are actively engaged in efforts to reduce our own footprint as part of our commitment to protect our planet for the long term.  At the same time, we are helping our customers to improve their environmental performance. We deliver on our commitment to sustainability through a broad range of concrete measures focused around four key priority factors, which are:

  • Climate Change
  • Safety, Health and Environment
  • People and Community
  • Integrity and Compliance 

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Why Linde

Linde is a leading global industrial gases and engineering company with 2023 sales of $33 billion. We live our mission of making our world more productive every day by providing high-quality solutions, technologies and services which are making our customers more successful and helping to sustain, decarbonize and protect our planet. Our industrial gases and technologies are used in countless applications including production of clean hydrogen critical for the energy transition, life-saving medical oxygen and high-purity & specialty gases for electronics, among others. For over 50 years, Linde has been a global leader in hydrogen and is leveraging its engineering capabilities, along with a significant asset base and expertise, to make cleaner energy a reality worldwide. Linde has an exceptional team with a business owner mentality delivering best-in-class financial performance with unwavering capital discipline. 

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