Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Linde Engineering India builds schools & supports environmental projects in communities near their Indian offices.
LE India’s CSR focusses on education and environment.

Giving Back to The Community

With our corporate responsibility activities, we want to make a positive contribution to a sustainable development of our company and of society.

Students of Kural school get their first corporate lesson during their visit to the LE India office

Students of Kural School Get Their First Corporate Lesson During Their Visit to the LE India Office

Lack of guidance is one of the reasons why students face challenges while choosing a career. Colleagues at LE India decide to change that. Our trainee batch formed a Career Awareness Committee, under which they planned the visit of students of Kural to our office, initiated intending to elevate the level of education for these students. Funding to construct the school was the right decision by the CSR committee that believes in continuously giving back to the community and monitoring the projects regularly. One of the goals of the Career Awareness Committee was to bring the students to the Linde House to make them visualize how a corporate office looks, give shape to their dreams in their minds and encourage them towards engineering as a field of study and its scope.

Funding the construction of school at Kural

Funding the Construction of School at Kural

Education is vital for any individual’s growth and as a responsible corporate citizen, we strongly feel that it is our moral responsibility to ensure quality education for the underprivileged. This project was implemented with the objective of providing better facilities to secondary schools in rural areas by building a new school at village Kural of Padra taluka in Gujarat, with standards 9th to 12th. LEI Trust in association with the Sarve Siksha Abhiyaan Department of the Government of Gujarat undertook the responsibility of fulfilling the project with the approved budget of 42 million. This school shall further the motto of Education for all.

Girls under the 'Educational Sponsorship Program' by LE India

Education Sponsorship Program

Linde Engineering India Private Limited (“LEI”) through its Trust financed, within the ambit and in compliance with local CSR laws, the construction of a new school building in Kural, a village 40 kilometres southwest of Vadodara, the city in Gujarat where the LEI’s office is situated. LEI not only constructs the school but also sponsors girls' education under the CSR Educational Sponsorship Program. Twelve bright students from the Kural School were selected for the sponsorship program in two batches with a total budget of 2,676,230 INR, reaffirming our commitment to giving back to society by contributing to the welfare of local communities, especially the education and the welfare of girls.

MSU Environment Engineering Laboratory - Equipment

Environment Engineering Laboratory - The Maharaja Sayajirao University

Research and Development is a key aspect of any project or activity undertaken and it is an essential tool to preserve and increase the efficacy of the environment. This project was undertaken to enhance laboratory facilities for education and research activities at the Environment Engineering Section of Civil Engineering of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat. The University was provided with various facilities such as lab equipment, glassware and chemicals required for the laboratories, furniture for the undergraduate and postgraduate laboratories and facilities for the conference room. It was implemented through the LEI Trust and the approved cost for the project was 2.5 million. This initiative was implemented with the dual aim of benefitting the students by providing them with better infrastructure facilities to enhance learning and also for improving, protecting and promoting environmental sustainability.

Girls under the 'Educational Sponsorship Program' by LE India

Educate the Girl Child - Bhayali Kanya Shala

Education for all is a motto that is embedded in the philosophy that is followed at Linde Engineering. To further this motto, the Bhayali Kanya Shala - a school for girls’ project was implemented through the LEI Trust and the Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan, a department of Government of Gujarat, India and the approved cost for the project was 25 million. The school was constructed at Bhayali Village in Gujarat, after demolishing an existing school that was in dilapidated state and hence posed a threat to the safety of the students and teachers. This initiative aims to provide infrastructure facilities to the school children especially girls for better learning and enabling them to be independent and can provide support to their families including the society. The beneficiaries of this project were approximately 240 girls of the nearby village- Bhayali.

LE India CSR - Donation to the PM Cares Fund

Donation to the PM Cares Fund

The COVID Pandemic has adversely impacted the lives of many people across the country and to provide aid to such people, the PM CARES FUND was established by the Government of India. We at Linde Engineering understand our responsibility as a corporate citizen and to do our bit towards the country and the community during these trying times have contributed a sum of 5 million to the PM CARES FUND. This donation was intended to help those in need and to provide support to the people affected due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Rainwater Harvesting - LE India CSR

Rainwater Harvesting

We at Linde Engineering strongly believe in giving back to the environment and making the world a better place to live. With this objective, the Rainwater Harvesting project was implemented with assistance from an NGO called SOCLEEN. The project was implemented through the LEI Trust and the approved cost for the project was 1 million. The project aims at constructing facilities for Rainwater Harvesting at a school site and from the existing school building, the rainwater is collected and stored in the underground tank which is constructed in the school facility. Multiple tanks with filtration are constructed at the site for the reuse of water. This initiative helps in the preservation of Rainwater which otherwise will runoff. The beneficiaries of this project include the school and society at large.

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