Learning is a Lifelong Process
Linde Engineering contributes to the education of children and supports women in their careers.
Technic camp

The engineering industry is still a male-dominated field. If that’s to change, STEM disciplines need to be introduced to girls in their early schooling. The Educational Association of the Bavarian Economy aims to do that with the initiative Technology - Future in Bavaria 4.0. It gives young female school students the opportunity to experience engineering first-hand at a technology camp. Organized in collaboration with a variety of companies, among them Linde Engineering, girls get insights into technical career fields, for example at Linde Engineering's site in Unterschleissheim, near Munich. Plus, they receive practical experience. Along with honing technical skills, the camp promotes teamwork and personal responsibility. All in all, technology camps like this one open the door to exciting professions and ease participants into STEM disciplines.

“Technology camps open the door to exciting professions and ease participants into STEM disciplines.”

Welding Operation Demonstration

Internship Program in Dalian, China

Each year, students at the Dalian University of Technology (DUT) have the opportunity to do a week-long internship at Linde Engineering’s Dalian location. The focus is on welding processes and nondestructive testing. And for most participants it is the first opportunity to get a practical look into their chosen field of study. Aside from visiting workshops and demonstrations conducted by Linde Engineering experts, the students also have an opportunity to try their hand at nondestructive testing - under supervision, of course. By the end of the week, they have enriched their theoretical knowledge and learned about Linde Engineering and the company’s safety culture.

Women in STEM

Linde Engineering places great value on diversity and inclusion. And we are especially proud of the many talented women in our workforce and the contribution they make to the company every day. They prove that women can be successful and enjoy a fulfilling career in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. In the framework of the new Women in STEM campaign, female employees from Linde Engineering introduce themselves and tell their inspiring stories. They talk about their work, the challenges they face and standing up for themselves. Above all, though, they stress the importance of loving what you do.

“Diversity & Inclusion need to be continuously improved at all levels of our organization, as greater diversity can help us to further increase our performance. Enabling and encouraging careers of female colleagues in STEM disciplines is one of many key actions we can take for a better inclusion culture.”

TUM Summer School

Summer School

Our activities to foster and encourage talent development also extend to young experts at universities. In this regard, Linde Engineering collaborated with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) to organize a summer school for PhD students. Support for this initiative was provided by the Carl-von-Linde Foundation. Over the course of one week, in lectures, discussions and tutorials participants learned about sustainable gas processing and energy solutions. Included in the program were excursions to Linde Engineering’s locations in Unterschleißheim and Pullach, both near Munich. All in all, the summer school was a thorough success as proved by the very positive feedback from all participants, one of them was Donato Pinto, PhD student at the Technical University of Munich: “Exploring the challenges of energy transition from the perspective of a company is mind-broadening and brings a touch of reality in our daily research life.”