Our Expectations to Suppliers

At Linde Engineering, we expect the same level of commitment and conduct from our suppliers that we expect from our employees.

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All our business dealings must be based on fairness, honesty, lawfulness, safety, environmental stewardship and social consciousness. As a Linde Engineering supplier, you must also ensure compliance with our contractual agreements, business integrity & ethics policy, and supplier expectations.

Compliance standards

  • Stand clearly in accordance with Linde plc’s global standards!

Response time

  • Keep to the deadlines after receiving an inquiry or a request.

Quality assurance

  • Comply with specifications and strive for flawless execution.

On-time delivery

  • Adhere to agreed schedules
  • Communicate problems early on and in an open manner

Price levels

  • Offer competitive prices with your first bid to pass Procurement Center shortlisting and be admitted to further bidding.
  • Propose alternative bids if comparable solutions with standard components exist.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    This cost structure includes acquisition, implementation and operating costs of products and services as well as after-market service and support. Best-price bids (TCO) improve Linde Engineering’s competitive position and help increase your business with us!


  • Technical and commercial bids shall be submitted separately.
  • Price submissions shall follow given breakdown structures.

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