Code of Conduct for Suppliers
Compliance with the principles set out in the code of conduct is a prerequisite for working with Linde.
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The Code of Conduct for Suppliers of the Linde plc defines the basic minimum requirements to meet our standards for safety, environmental protection, integrity and labor standards.

The code of conduct is based on the principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The core areas of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers:

  • Health and safety
  • Human rights and social standards
  • Integrity
  • Environmental protection
  • Supplier management

Linde expects Suppliers to comply with legal requirements and to act in a manner that is consistent with Linde’s values and the principles outlined in its Code of Business Integrity.

Sustainability in Procurement Contracts and Purchase Orders

Companies that wish to become Linde suppliers must meet certain minimum standards regarding environmental protection, social standards and integrity. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers forms a binding part of new contracts.

Monitoring Standards

Linde reserves the right to verify whether suppliers are complying with the principles set out in the Code of Conduct.

Self-assessment: Linde may ask suppliers to complete a self-assessment form on compliance with minimum standards.

Audits: Linde may ask suppliers to prove that they adhere to minimum standards, for example during on-site visits that are part of quality audits.

Third-party assessment: Linde reserves the right to have third parties ask suppliers for information on their adherence to minimum standards. We use this method, in particular, for suppliers working in regions or product groups that a risk analysis of Linde’s supply chain has identified as posing an increased risk.

Reporting Violations

Linde employees as well as suppliers, customers and other stakeholders can report suspected breaches of laws and guidelines by Linde plc using the Linde Integrity Line - anonymously, if desired. You can find more information on our Integrity Line Portal.

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