Ethical Legal Principles
At Linde, we consider compliance with laws and regulations aimed at ensuring global free and fair competition as a natural part of doing business, including during procurement of products and services.
Purification plant

Linde has published a code of conduct applicable to all employees of Linde plc. Therein we commit ourselves to high ethical standards.

In performing our business activities, we must comply with many different laws and regulations. Violations can cause harm to our company and to other people. For this reason, cautious handling of relationships with our business partners is a high priority.

Our global procurement activities require us to fulfill complex requirements regarding our professional conduct. Therefore, we have supplemented the Code of Conduct for Employees with the additional guidelines provided here; they apply equally to all employees of Linde, but those who are directly involved in procurement processes must pay special attention to them.

In the spirit of corporate responsibility, we depend on support from all of you to ensure compliance with the ethical-legal principles of procurement.

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