Selas-Linde GmbH

A world-leading engineering contractor for process furnaces, fired heaters, LNG vaporisers and incinerators for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Selas-Linde office building in Pullach, Germany

Based in Pullach, Germany, Selas-Linde is part of Linde Engineering. With an annual turnover of around EUR 100 million and a workforce of 85 highly skilled experts, we plan and supply custom-built turnkey plants and plant components for customers in the petrochemical, refining, gas processing, steel, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our experienced specialists deliver a broad range of engineering services, deploying cutting-edge planning tools and process design systems to ensure optimal operational results, reliable long-term behavior, maximum energy efficiency, and environmental compatibility at all our plants. In close cooperation with qualified suppliers and partners, we procure materials and equipment worldwide.

We comply with all current international standards, norms and regulations and are certified to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 45001. We also have a continuous quality assurance policy.

To synergize competencies and experience, we work closely with our T-Thermal Division located in Great Britain and with Selas-Linde North America the USA.

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