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Operator Training Simulator (OTS) contributes to smooth start-ups

Linde expanded its existing gasification complex at Jurong Island, integrating it with ExxonMobil's project to produce and supply additional hydrogen and synthesis gas. With a capacity of 900 tons of hydrogen per day, it is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The operators were able to train for the go-live in advance thanks to a simulator of the real-world process control system specially developed by Linde. The simulator contributed to a smooth start-up by giving operators a chance to get ahead by practicing the various operation and control tasks that awaited them.

“With this order of magnitude and level of complexity, providing a high-fidelity simulation model is key to successful operator training and plant start-up,” says Andreas Kröner, Head of LE IT for Process Design & Control.

Dynamic simulation of all process flows

The enabling Operator Training Simulator (OTS) combines a dynamic simulation model mapping all unit operations, the process flows and the process control system. This OTS platform serves two purposes:

  • The operating team becomes familiar with the new process control system, learning how to identify controllers responsible for certain effects and locate the valves that need to be manipulated or managed in the event of an alarm, etc.
  • Operators also learn about the process technology so they can answer questions such as: “What do I have to do to achieve a certain product quality?” or “What happens during a load change from 100 to 80 percent?”. The model allows operators and engineers to even test the limits of the plant’s physical behavior without risking any damage.
Further highlights include optimization potential. The process control system captures a huge stream of data. The Jurong Island simulator, for instance, handles more than 13,000 data points originating from sensors, controllers and alarms. Using the simulation model, engineers can leverage this stream of data to fine-tune the control system before it goes live and thus increase productivity and performance.

Cross-disciplinary expertise for a unique, holistic training experience

Our experts from process engineering, plant operations and dynamic process modeling come together to create and configure dynamic simulation models for industrial plants such as this one for the gasification complex at Jurong Island. The Jurong Island project is the largest model built in-house so far, consisting of 20,000 physical and logical units connected by almost 9,000 process streams. An external service provider joined our team to help configure the interface between the simulation model running on the Honeywell UniSim platform and the Siemens PCS7 process control system. These figures vary from one OTS to another as each model is tailored to the customer’s specific configuration.

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Different plant models available for a tailored training experience

We offer standard simulator solutions for hydrogen and air separation plants and can develop customized solutions for further process plants if required. Our central training environment provides several process models, computing resources and training infrastructure. It is accessible to plant operator personnel worldwide.

Training plant operator personnel before new plants are up and running provides a number of benefits from day one. Not only have trained operators the insights they need to improve performance and efficiency, they are also much better equipped to avoid risks. Real-world training is a great opportunity for plant operators to fill knowledge gaps and expand their expertise, build confidence for start-up, shutdown and unforeseen events, and manage day-to-day, routine operations more smoothly. Our OTS also brings trainees up to speed on new techniques and the latest technology advances.

Hosted on our unique Linde Operator Training Platform (LOTP), OTS provides the following advantages:

  • LOTP suited to plant operators and process engineers
  • LOTP combines high-fidelity dynamic models with real-life DCS controls and operator interfaces for many standardized Linde plants
  • Training available for SCALE ASUs, SPECTRA™ ASUs, H2/NH3 plants, H2 plants, steam methane reformers
  • Customized plant models and individualized training programs available
  • Training can be completed worldwide without the need for dedicated hardware/software

Here at Linde, we are honored to support our customers on their learning journey. Building on our OTS offering, our wider PLANTSERV® service portfolio reaches beyond training to accompany our customers in the longer term at all stages of your asset lifecycle.

We develop customized Operator Training Simulation (OTS) models for all Linde plants, hosting the simulators on our LOTP or directly on your site.

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