Driving the future of mobility

Driving the future of mobility

With state-of-the-art hydrogen fueling technologies

Linde Hydrogen FuelTech offers highly efficient fueling concepts according to your individual needs.

Linde Hydrogen FuelTech - Driving the future of mobility

With its long-standing expertise, Linde Hydrogen FuelTech is a pioneering supplier of hydrogen infrastructure solutions.

Cutting edge compression technology. The core of every hydrogen fueling station.

Linde has developed a range of sophisticated, sustainable hydrogen infrastructure technologies to ensure the fast, efficient and successful execution of fueling projects. We are the one-stop shop for hydrogen solutions – offering everything you need from reliable H2 supplies through state-of-the-art fueling station systems to customized services. Our entire offering is geared towards very low total cost of ownership per kilogram of hydrogen fueled. With more than 160 hydrogen refueling stations worldwide equipped with our technology, we are the world leader for hydrogen fueling solutions. Our products provide high performance and reliability with a very low footprint – all designed to the highest safety standards.

Building trusted relationships, we team up with our customers to plan, design, build and commission high-performance plants tailored to individual needs. You can choose between gaseous (GH2) or liquid hydrogen (LH2) supplies or even an on-site generation solution. And thanks to our dense network of maintenance and service technicians, you can also rely on us for the highest levels of safety and reliability.

The compression unit is the key component of a hydrogen fueling station. It compresses H2 stored at low pressure to up to 100 MPa. The ideal compression technology depends on a range of factors, for example the initial state of the hydrogen (gaseous or liquid), the station throughput and the type of vehicle to be fueled. Linde offers dedicated compression systems for the most varied requirements. Our proprietary, patented ionic compressor and cryo pump raise the innovation benchmark, impressing customers with outstanding reliability, low maintenance and high energy efficiency. Both systems can be optimized to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, we have advanced our fueling technology to a point where we are now the first company worldwide that can produce small series H2 fueling stations.

Ionic compressor and cryo pump highlights:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Small footprint
  • Energy-efficient compression
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Long service life
  • High reliability
  • Low noise emissions

Our technologies at a glance

The ionic compressor

In five steps, the ionic compressor condenses gaseous hydrogen to 100 MPa. Highlights include the eponymous ionic liquid, which does not bond with the gas. It acts as both a lubricant and coolant, and thus significantly reduces wear and tear. Additionally, the ionic compressor has fewer moving parts than a typical piston compressor. The liquid also increases the compressor’s energy efficiency due to better cooling and fewer dead spots during the compression process. 

By eliminating the need for lubricants, the ionic compressor protects the hydrogen against the risk of contamination. This ensures high levels of purity, making the compressor ideal, for example, for purity-critical fuel-cell applications.

The cryo pump

The cryo pump operates with liquid hydrogen (LH2) at -253° C. At this temperature, however, hydrogen cannot be simply suctioned in. Hence the pump uses a two-chamber system which is completely immersed in the cryogenic liquid. In the first chamber, LH2 from the storage tank is compressed to 0.6 MPa. The compression to 100 MPa takes place in the second chamber. Subsequently, the temperature of the cryogenic gas is increased up to the fueling temperature of -40° C. During all of these process steps, the high purity level of the hydrogen is maintained.

In addition to its small footprint and high capacity, the cryo pump minimizes the energy required by the fueling station. It only needs 10–20 percent of the energy required by a conventional compressor. The cooling power of cryogenic LH2 also eliminates the need for an external cooling system for the supply line. And the low-maintenance design cuts operating costs further.

References. Hydrogen projects and partnerships

In a move to ready California for the next generation of fuel cell electric vehicles, Linde is outfitting True Zero’s newest retail hydrogen fueling stations with its highly efficient Cryo Pump 90 and the corresponding technology.

Customer quote

"This is a major leap forward in scaling up the adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles and improving our planet,” says Joel Ewanick, CEO of True Zero. “Linde’s technology provides a significant increase of refueling station capacity, and with that we see a path to retailing hydrogen fuel at cost parity with gasoline. This next generation True Zero station will ultimately enhance the customer experience as people refuel with clean hydrogen,” Ewanick says. “It will deliver more hydrogen to drivers of zero emission fuel cell vehicles each day, and it will refuel cars simultaneously to reduce customer wait times."

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Linde Hydrogen Technology: What it means for you

  • Highly compact, containerized design
  • Standardized systems with adaptable technical specifications
  • Scalability from small to large throughputs depending on hydrogen demand
  • Compliance with fueling standard SAE J 2601


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