CO₂ removal

Helping customers meet their carbon abatement targets through innovative CO₂ scrubbing technologies.

Addressing growing need for carbon capture from off-gases

For many years now, various industries including chemicals, petrochemicals and steel have been using CO2 scrubbing to recover CO2 from off-gas streams. Building on our core competence and proven track record in the engineering of complex, high-tech industrial plants, and over fifty years’ experience in gas washing, we are ideally positioned to actively advance CO2 scrubbing. Customers worldwide rely on us to help them meet their carbon abatement targets and avoid fines for exceeding carbon thresholds.

Client: Linde Gas Magyarorszag; Location: Repcelak, Hungary

Wide choice of scrubbing technologies

In addition to our proprietary, well-established scrubbing process RECTISOL®, we also design and deliver other energy-saving chemical and physical wash processes including various types of amine wash systems for acid gas removal and sulfur recovery. In fact, we license several amine washing processes. In addition, we offer the full range of engineering services for industrial washing projects.

To find out more about removing CO2 from flue gas, visit our post combustion capture page.

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Linde has the know-how and the experience to plan, design, supply and construct complete plants. Moreover, Linde is able to demonstrate this capability within the following references.

  • CO₂ capture plant in Repcelak, Hungary

     CO2 capture plant in Repcelak, Hungary

    Customer: Linde Gas Hungary
    Process: BASF License (OASE® purple technology)
    Capacity: 6,000 Nm3/h natural gas
    Purity: > 99 vol % CO2
    < 150 ppmv C2+ in CO2
    Scope of work: Turnkey plant
    Start-up: 2011

  • CO₂ capture plant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    CO2 capture plant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Customer: Danieli Far East/General Holding Company
    Process: BASF License (OASE® white technology)
    Capacity: 313,000 Nm3/h syngas with CO2-residue < 2.0 %
    Scope of work: Basic & detail engineering, procurement,
    delivery FOB, commissioning support
    Start-up: 2011


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