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The hydrogen future is here now. And Linde can deliver it. The company covers every link in the hydrogen value chain from source to service. Regardless of whether you want to use hydrogen as a zero-emissions source of fuel, a feedstock gas for industry or a source of heat and power for buildings, we have the technologies and expertise to support your project – every step of the way.

Proven, long-standing expertise.

Linde is the only company to cover every step in the hydrogen value chain from production and processing through distribution and storage to everyday industrial and consumer applications. Building on decades of research and countless real-world projects, Linde’s hydrogen capabilities demonstrate its innovative power and proven expertise in delivering workable, economically viable hydrogen technologies suited to mass deployment.

Vast and growing application spectrum

Demand for hydrogen technologies is rising given their potential to accelerate the transition to more sustainable forms of energy while still supporting current energy models with all their regional variations. Hydrogen is a zero-emissions source of fuel for trains, buses and cars. It can be used as a feedstock gas for industries such as steel and refining. In addition, it is a source of heat and power for buildings, and can buffer energy generated from renewable sources.

Moving towards a greener energy economy

Hydrogen offers compelling benefits. First and foremost, it supports a gradual transition towards lower-carbon sources of energy as it can be generated from natural gas and other non-renewable by-products. In addition, it can be used as an energy carrier; in other words, a medium to store energy from renewable and other sources. Looking to the future, it can be generated at scale with a zero carbon footprint by using renewable energy such wind power, for instance, to separate water (electrolysis).

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