Linde Public Limited Company: Execution of merger agreement regarding Linde Aktiengesellschaft and squeeze-out of minority shareholders against adequate cash compensation in the amount of EUR 188.24 per Linde AG share

Guildford, UK (1 November 2018) - Today, Linde Intermediate Holding AG, an indirect 100% subsidiary of Linde Public Limited Company, (“Linde Intermediate”) submitted a request to the Executive Board of Linde Aktiengesellschaft (“Linde AG”) pursuant to section 62(1) and (5) of the German Transformation Act (Umwandlungsgesetz - UmwG) in conjunction with sections 327a et seqq. of the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz - AktG). The request is to convene an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of Linde AG to resolve on the transfer of the shares held by the minority shareholders of Linde AG to Linde Intermediate against adequate cash compensation.

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Since the completion of the business combination between Linde AG and Praxair, Inc., Linde Intermediate holds approximately 92% of the shares in Linde AG. Linde Intermediate has determined the cash compensation per Linde AG share to be EUR 188.24 and has thereby confirmed the amount of the anticipated cash compensation previously announced on 15 October 2018 by Linde AG. The court-appointed auditor has confirmed the adequacy of the determined cash compensation.

On such basis, following the approval by the Linde AG Supervisory Board, Linde AG today entered into a merger agreement with Linde Intermediate pursuant to which Linde AG transfers all of its assets as a whole with all rights and obligations to Linde Intermediate by dissolution without liquidation according to sections 2 no.1, 60 et seqq. German Transformation Act (merger by means of absorption). The merger agreement contains the statement pursuant to section 62(5) sentence 2 German Transformation Act that a squeeze-out of the minority shareholders of Linde AG as the transferring entity shall occur in the context of the merger.

It is expected that Linde AG will convene an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting for 12 December 2018. The effectiveness of the cash merger squeeze-out is still subject to the resolution by the Linde AG shareholders’ meeting and the registration of the transfer resolution and the merger in the commercial registers at the seats of Linde Intermediate and Linde AG.

Person making the notification: Matthias Dachwald, Media Relations, Linde plc

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