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Decarbonization Toolbox and Digital Solutions
Discover how we can help improve the sustainability, reliability and flexibility of your industrial assets with innovative services combining our hands-on expertise with state-of-the-art digitalization technologies

Supporting You – Every Step of Your Project Lifecycle

The Linde PLANTSERV® team is committed to powering your journey towards net zero with a host of expert services. We draw on the extensive know-how and hands-on experience we have gained by engineering and operating thousands of industrial plants worldwide to help you do more with less, save resources, optimize energy consumption, transition to lower-carbon feedstocks, maximize circularity and extend plant lifetime.

Covering the full asset lifecycle, we offer these services on a modular basis extending from the initial assessment to full revamp and furnace/motor electrification projects with the ability to lower your Scope 1 emissions to zero. We can also help reduce your Scope 3 emissions by exploring the viability of renewable or recycled feedstocks such as biofuels or recycled plastic oil. Our experts can even advise on carbon capture schemes in hard-to-abate sectors.

Asset Health Checks

Energy Benchmarks and Asset Health Checks – The Starting Point for Sustainability and Performance Gains

Drawing on a modular toolbox of services, we start out with an energy benchmarking process and asset health check. This will give you insights into your current plant performance and upside energy efficiency potential. These insights can be leveraged to counter the inevitable degradation in performance and efficiency that happens over an asset’s lifetime. You can also draw on this information to reduce waste and water consumption and to identify the best starting point for your sustainability journey. Feasibility studies complement these results to help pinpoint the most effective and economical solutions in complex set-ups. Our vast experience spanning all kinds of projects makes us a trusted advisor for your execution planning.

Renewable Power

Renewable Electricity Replacing Carbon-Intensive Steam

Steam production is a carbon-intensive process. Replacing steam-driven turbines with electrical motors is one obvious path to reduce your Scope 1 and possibly even Scope 2 emissions to zero (with renewable electricity in the case of Scope 2).

A solid business case for reliable, efficient electrification depends on the right choice of equipment and seamless integration into your existing set-up. This choice is impacted by a number of factors, including vibrations, space constraints, foundations, electrical loads, substations and the rebalancing of your current steam production. We have the experience to define and deliver the right solution for your individual plant. Our proven track record includes projects where we have contributed to CO2 savings of up to 850,000 tons/year.

And if you want to cut emissions entirely, explore our eFurnace – our patented solution for the next generation of furnaces.

Plant Performance

Increase Feed Flexibility and Sustainable Feedstocks

The feedstock is usually the most resource- and carbon-intensive element of industrial processes. Operators are challenged to secure an economical supply of feedstock on volatile markets while finding a way to reduce emissions at the same time. By implementing feed flexibility, we can help you increase your supply options, with the possibility of dramatically reducing Scope 1 emissions through sustainable feedstocks.

Your process is currently designed for a specific feedstock composition. With our competence in process and equipment design, we can determine the best alternative feed (whether that be a recycled feedstock such as pyrolysis oil or another renewable) for your current process setup and how much of the alternative feed your plant can accommodate. And if you are looking for even greater flexibility, we can engineer a dedicated solution to meet your efficiency, cost and emissions targets. So you can reduce your Scope 1 emissions while increasing the overall flexibility of your plant.

Sustainability Driver

Enhanced Combustion Processes as Sustainability Driver

Combustion-induced high temperatures play a key role in most process plants, contributing up to 50% of the total carbon emissions and most nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. We have designed a modular toolbox to tackle these emissions. This toolbox can be tailored to your equipment to help you unlock efficiency gains, lower NOx emissions or even implement zero-carbon fuels.

Building on the vast experience we have gained from more than 700 successfully executed fired equipment projects, we have developed valuable tools to optimize your operations and furnaces. You can tap into this experience to realize the highest efficiency and reliability gains with the lowest emissions. We can also support feedstock revamp projects, helping you smoothly transition from heavier hydrocarbons through lighter hydrocarbons all the way to blends or even 100% blue/green hydrogen.

Remote Support

Remote Training & Support

Our service team are always at hand to help you look at different ways to optimize support and training activities while reducing your Scope 3 emissions. Remote support and training offerings such as the Linde Virtual Academy or the Operator Training Simulator are effective tools in the drive to leverage the advantages of digital solutions and reduce avoidable travel-related emissions.

Scope 1 to 3 Explained

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