Process Optimization & Advanced Diagnostics
Are you looking to fine-tune your operations with the help of automation solutions? Or leverage remote real-time diagnostics to explore efficiency gains, energy consumption or ways to reduce OPEX?
Linde Leuna plant digitalization

Plant Audits - Getting Granular Insights Into Plant Health

Before you embark on a modification project - be it a feedstock change or increasing product output, it makes sense to get a detailed picture of the current asset status and identify concrete improvement potential. We use feasibility studies to evaluate different options from a process and financial point of view so you can make informed choices offering predictable outcomes. Our auditing services include:

  • Execution of plant audits (on-site and remote), and root case analyses
  • Feasibility studies to evaluate possible solutions
  • Full support along the modernization project lifecycle - from ideation through execution to start-up
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Early-Warning System for Your Rotating Assets

What if you were able to look inside your key rotating equipment and identify already early signs of abnormal behaviour? Wouldn’t that avoid unscheduled downtime and opitmize your maintenance and repair costs?
Rotating equipment like compressors and motors always play a key role in smooth plant operations. Our remote diagnostics solution enables real-time monitoring of vibration levels and detects “unhealthy” operating parameters long before a control system triggers an alarm. Building on our sophisticated learning algorithms, our diagnostics experts can then help you to identify appropriate mitigation measures.
We can support your plant operations with:

  • Real-time insights into equipment operation conditions and health status via user-friendly dashboards
  • Fast and low-cost retrofitting of rotating equipment (compressors, turbines and electrical motors) to enable health monitoring
  • Active feedback cycle from our diagnostics experts in the event of anomalies
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No More Thermal Stress for Your PFHE

Thermal stress is another case in point. Plate-fin heat exchangers (PFHEs) in particular face high temperature gradients, which can lead to thermal stress and equipment damage. Our remote monitoring solution takes the individual heat exchanger design as well as the specific operating conditions into account. Diagnostics experts help plant operators to avoid critical operating conditions and thus optimize the lifetime of their heat exchangers.
We can support your plant operations with:

  • Identification of operating conditions that elevate thermal stress in heat exchangers using smart algorithms
  • Real-time insights into equipment operation conditions and health status via user-friendly dashboards
  • Cloud-based digital twin of PFHEs, mapping customer-specific design and process environment to improve operating parameters and minimize the risk of thermal stress
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Smartifying Your Operations

Your LINDE PLANTSERV® team never stops learning.
And we want you to benefit from our learning journey as advanced simulation, diagnostics and data analytics accelerate our time-to-insight. Current examples of how we can support your plant operations include the following - and the list is growing:

  • Maximizing availability and operability of heat exchangers with LIBAS® using 3D finite element analysis and thermodynamic simulations to calculate thermal stress and estimate exchanger lifetime
  • Our Site Production Optimizer combines dynamic production and demand analytics to intelligently optimize the planning of pipeline networks connecting multiple production plants. Benefits include reduced operating and energy costs
  • Our Tanker Loading Control and Certification System is a fully automated product loading solution for tankers. It supports automatic product filling, analysis and certification, truck scale management and more
Linde PLANTSERV, performance and efficiency, Hydrogen and CO2 PSA Unit, air separation unit (ASU), Leuna Germany

Turning (Real-Time) Insights Into Business Value

  • Boost asset availability and profitability
  • Increase your capacity, de-bottleneck operations or change your product
  • Optimize energy consumption to reduce your OPEX
  • Optimize maintenance costs and avoid unnecessary repairs with remote diagnostics
  • Extend equipment lifetime by optimizing operating parameters
  • Leverage advanced automation intelligence to optimize operations and eliminate operator errors while increasing plant safety
  • Benefit from real-time insights paired with expert diagnostics know-how

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