Helium Solutions
We design and deliver helium storage tanks and UN portable tanks (HELICS™) to the highest safety and efficiency standards.

UN Portable Tank for Helium (HELICS)

Designing UN portable tanks for helium to the highest safety and efficiency standards for trouble-free, cost-effective delivery worldwide.

For more than 12 years, we have been specialising in UN portable tanks for helium (known as HELICS). Building on our long-standing expertise in cryogenic technologies, these portable tanks are specifically designed to the highest safety and efficiency standards. They optimise the transportation of liquid helium and ensure trouble-free delivery anywhere in the world – by sea or road. The fact that almost every HELICS that we delivered since 2005 is still in operation bears clear testimony to the performance and reliability of our systems.

Full-Service Offering

Looking beyond the delivery of HELICS, we can also support you with a broad range of services. These extend from procurement right up to after-sales support. As a special service, we can manage the HELICS cool-down process, which saves you valuable time. Furthermore, we can arrange transportation of the cooled HELICS to your company location. We can further assist with operational improvements and maintenance as well as periodic inspections at our manufacturing yard or at other locations around the world.

Helicon 2.0


  • High capacity (volume of approx. 41,000 litres (10,830 gal) in 40-foot ISO frame)
  • Holding time for liquid helium of more than 48 days at a maximum pressure of 5.7 bar*
    *based on an ambient temperature of 30°C
  • Improved nitrogen holding time
  • No liquid losses
  • All stainless steel design for low maintenance and operational costs
  • Instrumentation designed for ease of operation
  • Compliance with all relevant design codes and approvals such as ADR/EN, ASME/DOT, IMDG, CSC, TIR and others (if required)
  • Adaptable design to support minor customer-specific modifications
LITS 3 (Standard cryogenic vessel)

Helium Storage Tanks

Linde Engineering delivers helium storage tanks that are built to the highest standards to meet the strictest requirements.

Helium storage tanks have to be designed to strict specifications and built to very high quality standards due to the physical characteristics of helium. Building on the vast experience and expertise, we design dedicated helium storage tanks that meet the strictest requirements. We use liquid nitrogen to shield the helium in our tanks. This is cheaper than using part of the stored helium and also ensures a much better holding time than conventional cryogenic storage tanks.

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