Modular Air Separation Plants

Our portfolio of modular air separation plants is designed to combine proven, reliable engineering blueprints with the benefits of rapid deployment, optimized layouts, cost savings and adaptability to individual needs.

Air Separation Unit, Port Elizabeth in South Africa

World-Class Levels of Reliability

Linde is one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of air separation plants and industrial gases worldwide, serving industries as diverse as metals, chemicals, electronics, energy, healthcare and manufacturing. We know that volume and purity requirements vary dramatically from one customer and project to another. In addition, time and budgetary constraints often call for proven, reliable solutions that can be deployed at speed.

Our portfolio of flexible, modular air separation units (ASUs) is the answer. Based on proven technologies, our modular designs are largely prefabricated for cost and time gains. These modular plants are also designed for the highest levels of availability, with all key cryogenic components manufactured in-house. Combined with a backup system, our ASUs offer reliability levels very close to 100 percent.

“All of our plants are designed for the highest levels of availability, with all key cryogenic components manufactured in-house.”

Broad Portfolio Covering a Wide Range of Individual Needs

Our wide modular portfolio ensures you will find the perfect match for your product, purity and volume needs. Gaseous oxygen flow rates scale from 1,000 to 50,000 normal cubic meters an hour (Nm3/h) and beyond. In addition, you can select a liquid-only supply mode or combine liquid bulk with a gaseous stream of oxygen for added flexibility. Both low- and high-purity models are available.

Our modular nitrogen offering supports capacities scaling from 1,000 to 100,000 Nm3/h (see our customized offering for higher capacities). Complementing our general models offering industrial and high purity levels, customers in the electronics industry also have the option of ultra-high-purity nitrogen product for specialized applications. We also offer integrated nitrogen liquefaction units.

Our Modular Product Families

Highlights at a Glance

Execution excellence in action

  • Rapid time-to-solution through extensive prefabrication and pretesting
  • Simplified on-site logistics and lower CAPEX thanks to modular design
  • Fast-track equipment fabrication and delivery
  • State-of-the-art technology and design for reliable operation
  • Ease of maintenance for low OPEX
  • Professional support services from consulting to start-up and beyond with LINDE PLANTSERV
  • High power efficiency through proprietary process development
  • Peace of mind thanks to our strong focus on and excellent track record in quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) protection

Prefabrication for rapid time-to-solution

  • Plate-fin heat exchangers in self-supporting steel casings
  • Columns in self-supporting steel casings
  • Coldbox sizes designed for road transport
  • Molecular sieve valves on skids
  • Cryogenic pumps on skids
  • Plant control system in air-conditioned, pre-wired and shop-tested container
  • Electrical medium-voltage switchgear in shop-assembled container
Two-train NOVON modular air separation unit at Johor, Malaysia

Execution Efficiency with Award-Winning Safety Levels in Johor

In March 2019, we successfully started up and handed over a two-train NOVON modular ASU to Pengerang Gas Solutions Sdn. Bhd (PGSSB), a joint venture between Petronas Gas Bhd and Linde. This turnkey engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) project in Johor, Malaysia, will supply the RAPID complex with oxygen and nitrogen at different pressure ratings. NOVON has a capacity of 1,400 tons of oxygen per day, also producing nitrogen and argon. The oxygen is required for an ethylene oxide / ethylene glycol (EO/EG) plant whereas the nitrogen will be used in refinery processes. Linde will also supply liquid argon to the local merchant market. Highlights included strict adherence to a tight two-year execution schedule, award-winning safety performance and up-front supply of low-pressure GAN from the backup system.

SPECTRA on-site nitrogen generation plant at Tainan, Taiwan

Excellent Teamwork Key to Success in Tainan, Taiwan

Linde LienHwa (LLH), a joint venture between LienHwa Industrial Corp. and Linde, is one of the largest industrial gas producers in Taiwan – supplying high-purity nitrogen to the Chinese electronics market from the multiple air separation plants that it operates. Expanding this complex, a new SPECTRA ASU went on stream in record time in Tainan Science Park, Taiwan, which is one of the main locations to supply the semiconductor industry with the nitrogen required for their production processes. Key success factors included the modular design of the new plant and excellent cooperation between the project execution teams on both sides. Linde was responsible for engineering, procurement and startup supervision.

LION modular air separation plant at Roethenbach, Germany

LION™ Brings New Levels of Flexibility to Linde Gas Plant in Roethenbach

In May 2019, Linde commissioned a new LION modular air separation plant (ASU) at its Roethenbach site. Designed to support rapidly rising local demand for liquid oxygen and nitrogen in and around Nuremberg and in southern Germany, the plant has a LOX capacity of 5780 Nm3/h (with purity levels of 99.5%) and a LIN capacity of 18280 Nm3/h (with impurity levels of less than 0.5 ppb). Plants highlights include a flexible design (FLEXASU), enabling the operator to front-load production during times when there is an excess of (renewable) electricity and cut back on production when energy is scarce and thus more expensive. This FLEXASU concept has the ability to support the transition to a more sustainable energy economy.

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