Small On-Site Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants

Nitrogen gas is commonly used in a variety of industries such as food and beverages, metals, electronics and semiconductors, oil and gas, glass and fertilizers. Here at Linde, we understand that volume requirements can vary a lot from one industry to another. Our NITRON™ on-site supply solutions are the perfect choice for customers who require a continuous stream of nitrogen and may also need to meet occasional peaks in demand.

ECOVAR plant

Leveraging our expertise in air separation and plant engineering, our NITRON™ family of plants takes design flexibility to the next level by giving customers the option of a solution tailored to individual needs while keeping investment and operation costs as low as possible.

NITRON™ is part of our small on-site product family. These plants are based on the cryogenic separation of air, supporting nitrogen gas streams above 300 Nm3/h and purity levels in excess of 99.5%.

All our NITRON™ and NITRON™ E series plants offer a number of advantages including:

  • Lower liquid nitrogen injection rate than similar plants
  • High-purity nitrogen, from 99.5 % upwards
  • Broad capacity ranges to fit virtually all volume requirements
  • Turndown to 50% to support irregular demand patterns
  • Energy-efficient design due to cryogenic technology
  • Highly modularized design for low investment cost compared with a stick-built plant with highlights such as:
    • prefabricated equipment
    • ease of transportation
    • reduced installation cost
    • reduced fabrication cost
    • short installation time
    • rapid commissioning and start-up
  • Relocation flexibility
  • Small footprint (starting at 5 m x 15 m)
  • Ready for outdoor installation (from -25° C to 45° C ambient temperatures)
  • Unstaffed operation
  • Remote operation/access possible
  • Certain sizes available without additional liquid nitrogen injection
  • Possibility to meet strict noise limitations
  • High quality thanks to proprietary Linde equipment and technologies

NITRON™ Series

Our regular NITRON™ plants utilize a single distillation column with a vacuum-insulated coldbox design. Larger models can be equipped with an optional turbine to eliminate the need for liquid nitrogen injection.

Features of our regular NITRON™ plants include:

  • Industrial-grade purity of up to 99.9995%
  • Capacity ranges from 250 Nm3/h to 8000 Nm3/h
  • 30% less energy consumed than other PSA technologies

NITRON™ E Series

Our NITRON™ E series was developed specifically for electronics-grade applications. Building on the success of our NITRON™ family, NITRON™ E takes purity, pressure and power efficiency to the next level. These cutting-edge models utilize optimized double distillation column technology.

Features of our NITRON™ E series include:

  • Electronics-grade purity of up to 99.99999%
  • Capacity ranges from 700 Nm3/h to 8500 Nm3/h
  • 10% less energy consumed than other double distillation column technologies

Customers who choose NITRON™ can look forward to world-class technology designed to the highest quality (EN ISO 9001:2008) and safety standards. We design our plants to the most commonly used codes and standards such as PED, ASME VIII and IEC.

In addition to flexible up-front contracting models including rental and purchase options, we also support our customers along the full asset lifecycle with excellent aftermarket support for maintenance, spare parts, refurbishments and revamps.

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