Carbon Capture
Improving the carbon footprint of fossil power stations and the chemical industry through carbon capture and storage technologies.
CO2 Adsorption plant

Tackling CO2 Emissions

Global warming and climate change concerns are intensifying global efforts to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere.

Increasingly, attention is focusing on the need to remove CO2 from the flue gases released by several processes in countless industries including power, cement, chemicals and steel. Carbon capture is a key strategy in meeting today’s CO2 emission reduction targets.

Choice of Strategy

There are three different carbon capture strategies to choose from, depending on the source of the gas:

  • Pre-combustion, combining upstream gasification of fuel with precombustion separation of the CO2
  • Oxyfuel combustion, combusting the fuel with pure oxygen to create mainly steam and CO2, which can be easily separated from the flue gas
  • Post-combustion, where the CO2 is scrubbed from the flue gas following combustion

Many chemical applications rely on CO2 scrubbing. Oxyfuel technology is an ideal way to increase the efficiency of combustion processes in new power plants. Post-combustion capture (PCC) is targeted specifically at flue gas in existing power or cement plants. Typically using a solvent to chemically absorb the CO2 from the flue gases after the combustion process. Or the latest addition to our carbon capture portfolio, HISORP® CC, where CO2 is captured from flue gas or other process gases over a wide range of CO2 feed concentrations.

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Putting Captured CO2 to Good Use

The captured gas can be used commercially – for example as food-grade CO2, to enhance oil recovery (EOR) or as a feedstock for the production of commodities like methanol or urea. Alternatively, it can be stored underground (sequestered) as a carbon abatement measure.

Downstream Technology

The captured CO2 can be further purified and liquefied for use in chemical or other industry processes. Alternatively, it can be purified to food-grade level and used in the production of food and beverages.

Complementing our carbon capture offering, we also specialize in CO2 purification, liquefaction, storage and distribution technologies. We offer a range of prefabricated, standardized solutions to accelerate deployment and maximize cost efficiencies. Supporting the full capacity spectrum, we also design and deliver customized plants.

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