Modular hydrogen generators and plants
HYDROPRIME Max reformer installation; HYDROPRIME Mid 16,000 NCMH (14.3 MM SCFD) H2 plant in Illinois, USA

Linde Engineering is a global leader in small to mid-size modular hydrogen plants, with over 250 delivered.

Our HYDROPRIME® standardized modular hydrogen plants – using steam-methane reforming – reduce the time and cost of getting these plants onstream.

HYDROPRIME Mid 6 plant

A Lot of Choices

These highly efficient hydrogen generators and plants are available in a number of capacities:

  • HYDROPRIME Min 300, 300 NCMH (.27 MM SCFD or 0.65 TPD)
  • HYDROPRIME Min 500, 500 NCMH (.45 MM SCFD or 1.79 TPD)
  • HYDROPRIME Mid 1, 1,300 NCMH (1.2 MM SCFD or 2.9 TPD)
  • HYDROPRIME Mid 2, 2,000 NCMH (1.8 MM SCFD or 4.3 TPD)
  • HYDROPRIME Mid 3, 3,000 NCMH (2.7 MM SCFD or 6.5 TPD)
  • HYDROPRIME Mid 6, 6,000 NCMH (4.5 MM SCFD or 10.9 TPD)
  • HYDROPRIME Mid 10, 10,000 NCMH (9 MM SCFD or 21.7 TPD)
  • HYDROPRIME Mid 16, 16,000 NCMH (14.3 MM SCFD or 34.5 TPD)
  • HYDROPRIME Max, 32,000 NCMH (28.7 MM SCFD or 69 TPD)

These standard plants can be scaled to meet any production rate within the respective range.

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  • Modular design enabling quicker delivery, streamlined installation and easy accessibility for maintenance
  • Innovative reforming and PSA technologies for safe, reliable operations
  • Optimized for energy efficiency
  • High on-stream reliability
  • Fast, automatic start-ups and shutdowns
  • Full automation with fail-safe controls that allow unattended operation (including start-up, operation and monitoring)
HYDROPRIME Mid 6 plant

Specific benefits include:

  • Modular, open-skid design enabling quicker delivery, streamlined installation (indoors or outdoors for Min and Mid plants), and easy accessibility for maintenance
  • Ultra-high purity product (99.999+%)
  • Hydrogen produced at 200 psig (13.8 barg) or higher, reducing compression costs
  • Optimized plant design to reduce energy costs
  • Greater supply security with backup bulk systems
  • Fewer truck deliveries, reducing safety risks and lowering vehicle emissions
  • Full automation with fail-safe controls that allow unattended operation (including start-up, operation and monitoring)
Catoosa, Oklahoma fabrication facility


We manufacture our modular plants at our Catoosa, Oklahoma fabrication facility, or with trusted, qualified worldwide partners. Backed by our network of in house and external engineering, supply and construction resources, we can manufacture locally to meet country-specific requirements, reducing shipping costs and decreasing delivery time.

HYDROPRIME Min (300 Nm3/hr Hydrogen Generation Unit)

Based on Linde’s proven Steam Methane Reformer technology, HYDROPRIME Min provides a compact, cost-effective, and flexible alternative to traditional hydrogen supply schemes for our end customers. Its high reliability and availability makes it par above the competition. (Please open in Google Chrome)

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