Hydrogen & Synthesis Gas Plants
Marking an important step towards clean energy and climate mitigation.
HyCO and Ammonia plant, Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Linde covers the entire hydrogen and synthesis gas (syngas) value chain – extending from standalone hydrogen plants through fully integrated HyCO/syngas installations right up to all-inclusive complexes combining ammonia and methanol production facilities. This modular offering bundles a vast portfolio of process technologies to create tailored solutions supporting all syngas generation, gas conditioning and purification, and ammonia/methanol synthesis needs. Complemented by state-of-the-art decarbonization plus carbon capture and storage technologies, our offering also covers the full spectrum from conventional (gray) production models through low-carbon (blue) solutions to fully green schemes, along with hybrid variants of these paths to support gradual transitions to more sustainable production methods.

Hydrogen and CO2 PSA Unit Leuna

Hydrogen Plants

Technology supplier of choice for fully integrated hydrogen production and liquefaction plants along the full sustainability spectrum from conventional through low-carbon to green.

Hydrogen and Synthesis gas plant, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

CO & Syngas Plants

Only company worldwide that designs, owns and operates hydrogen and syngas plants using proprietary technologies.

HyCO and Ammonia plant, Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Ammonia & Methanol Plants

Discover our optimized, high-efficiency paths for converting syngas to ammonia or methanol, along with concept designs for large-scale blue and green ammonia plants.

CO2 purification and compression plant, Netherlands

CO2 Capture, Purification & Liquefaction

Advanced CO2 capture, purification and liquefaction solutions from world leader in cryogenic technology.

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Hydrogen and Synthesis gas plant, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Gas Generation

Our fully integrated solutions align production capacity, purity and availability levels with individual needs and feedstock availability. Steam reforming technologies are suited to lighter hydrocarbons such as natural gas, LPG and naphtha. For heavier hydrocarbons such as fuel oil and pet coke, partial oxidation is the preferred path, followed by gas shifting, desulfurization and purification in one integrated process flow. Customers can also rely on us to support the transition from conventional to more sustainable blue and green production models using autothermal reforming with implemented carbon capture processes or electrolysis.

A sulphur recovery site with yellow piles of sulphur

Gas Conditioning

Depending on the desired products and purity levels, customers can choose from a wide portfolio of conditioning and liquefaction processes. These include straightforward shift reactions turning CO and water vapor into CO2 and H2, various chemical and physical wash systems or membrane and adsorption technologies to separate CO2, and sulfur recovery units converting hydrogen sulfide into valuable sulfur.

PSA unit, Leuna, Germany

Gas Purification

We help our customers bring their hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gas streams up to their target purity specifications with cryogenic separation technologies, pressure swing adsorption or membrane solutions. For CO2 streams in parts-per-million (ppm) purity ranges, our RECTISOL® physical acid gas removal process provides a flexible syngas purification method.

Ammonia plant in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Gas Synthesis

Our Linde Ammonia Concept (LAC) was developed specifically to increase the flexibility and efficiency of conventional ammonia processes. LAC eliminates the inert gas “ballast” during syngas generation and thus intensifies ammonia synthesis. In addition to a wide feedstock envelope, LAC also paves the way for co-products such as methanol. Our experts help customers as they transition to low-carbon ammonia production using blue hydrogen.