Upgrading fuel blending stock to high-value petrochemical intermediates
Engineering - Ethylene Plant Tasnee, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Backed by 45 years of successful operation in numerous commercial plants, Linde Engineering offers a thermal HydroDeAlkylation (HDA) process for the production of benzene from refinery and petrochemical streams.

This non-catalytic process is flexible towards a wide variety of feedstocks including toluene, xylenes, C9 aromatics, hydrogenated pyrolysis gasoline and reformate to produce high purity benzene with compelling yields.

In addition, it readily tolerates impurities of substances such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3).

Outstanding features include

  • High purity benzene at 99.99 wt% or above
  • Excellent aromatic yields of 98 – 99%
  • Low hydrogen consumption
  • Best in class energy efficiency
  • No catalyst costs
  • High availability with large decoking intervals

Using our over half-century of steam cracking know-how, Linde has profoundly integrated the HDA process into the overall process scheme. The resulting, deeply interconnected process affords significant CapEx and OpEx savings without sacrificing any operational simplicity. This unique feature of Linde’s HDA technology provides our customers with a competitive edge for their benzene business.

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