Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Plants
Flexible, pre-engineered or customized modular construction to maximize the value of your gas streams.
CRYO-PLUS Recovery Plant

Cryogenic processes are the most economical method for breaking natural gas down into its constituent components. NGL, LPG, condensate and pure components (methane, ethane, propane and butane) are extracted and fractionated in Linde gas processing plants.

Linde has designed and produced modular gas processing plants worldwide for over forty years. We deliver completely pre-engineered, modularized standard natural gas liquids (NGL) recovery plants covering the wide range of gas processing conditions required for shale and natural gas. Our engineering, fabrication and modularization capabilities, coupled with our construction and field services deliver turnkey solutions for greater efficiencies to our customers.

NGL recovery plant in USA

Our offerings include:

  • Inlet receiving and stabilization
  • Amine treating and acid gas flare
  • Dehydration and cryogenic plant
  • Residue gas compression
  • NGL product pumps
  • Balance of plant utilities
  • NGL fractionation
  • Nitrogen rejection
  • StarLNGL™ “bolt-on” technology that integrates production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) into new or existing NGL plants

A broad range of technologies:

  • STANDARD-RSV, based on the industry standard recycle split vapor process
  • STANDARD-GSP, based on the industry standard gas subcooled process
  • Patented CRYO-PLUS™ provides higher recovery than other technologies with less energy. Designed for use in natural gas or shale gas applications, this process recovers more ethane and heavier components with less energy required than traditional liquid recovery processes. Robust and flexible over a wide range of pressures and feed gas compositions.
  • STANDARD-PLUS™, a fully pre-engineered, standardized plant based on CRYO-PLUS
  • ROC™, a revolutionary approach to NGL plant design that eliminates the need for propane refrigeration by utilizing residue compression for both product and refrigerant compression
  • StarLNGL, which integrates liquefaction of natural gas (LNG) into new or existing NGL plants
3-D model of the Integrated StarLNGL unit

StarLNGL, the integrated Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) technology, uses proven design concepts to enhance LNG production in existing and new NGL recovery plants. As part of the StarLNG family, StarLNGL builds on Linde’s worldwide experience across the entire LNG value chain.

StarLNGL can be used with a variety of NGL recovery technologies including CRYO-PLUS, GSP and RSV. Compared with a stand-alone LNG plant, the integrated StarLNGL solution provides the following benefits:

  • No impact on availability or reliability of the NGL recovery plant
  • Same or higher levels of ethane and propane recovery
  • Increased NGL plant capacity
  • Less capital expenditure
  • Highly efficient process
  • Shared maintenance
  • Lower operating cost
NGL plant in Bintulu, Malaysia

This concept utilises the heat integration of the NGL plant by taking a portion of the cold vapour stream from the recovery column, thus improving the efficiency of the LNG and NGL units. Technology highlights include:

  • Cold vapour feed to the StarLNGL unit
  • Minimum tie-ins to existing NGL unit required
  • On-spec LNG ethane and propane recovery
  • Standard refrigeration technology
  • Refrigeration options include no hydrocarbon storage
  • Compact rotating equipment design

Additional StarLNGL delivery options include:

  • Integrated solution combining plate-fin heat exchangers
  • Integrated solution utilising existing NGL plant compression
NGL plant

The Right Fit For Your Operation

  • Linde offers a wide range of technologies – industry standard RSV and GSP or proprietary CRYO-PLUS and ROC
  • Standardized mid-size plants or customized plants for mid- to large-scale capacities
  • The right fit for your business needs – whether it’s high recovery, high throughput, turndown flexibility, variable gas compositions, lower CAPEX/OPEX
  • Options for fractionation and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production for new and existing plants
  • Over 40 years modularization experience in our facilities
  • The best project delivery model for you - turnkey or equipment only

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