Steam Cracking Furnaces
Selas-Linde, Cracking Furnace, Rafnes, Norway

Cracking furnaces are the most important component of an ethylene plant, defining product yield for the entire plant. Linde has designed and delivered furnaces with capacities of up to 250,000 metric tons per year. These large capacities supply mega-cracker plants and minimize the number of furnaces needed, lowering capital and operating expenses.

Linde’s proprietary PyroCrack® technology handles the full spectrum of feedstocks - from light hydrocarbons to naphtha and heavy liquids such as gas oils and hydrocracker residues. Feedstock flexibility is easy with our twin cell design, which allows independent cracking of different feedstocks in one furnace. Twin cells can also be designed for decoking – one cell can run in cracking mode while the other operates in decoking mode.

Exclusive short-residence time coil designs achieve maximum olefin yields and excellent furnace run lengths.

Linde equips all ethylene cracking furnaces with either low- or ultra-low NOx burners, and if needed, will incorporate an SCR system into the convection section to keep your operation in environmental compliance.


How Your Operation Can Benefit

  • Full range of feedstocks handled
  • Feedstock flexibility - twin cell design allows independent cracking of different feedstocks in one furnace
  • Maximum yields, high availability, long run times
  • Large furnace capacities up to 250 mta lower capital and operating costs
  • Designed for ease of operation and maintenance
  • Modularized to reduce construction site risk
  • The right delivery model for your business needs - engineering and procurement or lump sum turnkey delivery and erection at your site

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