Wet Air Oxidation
One stop solution for your spent caustic treatment

Since 1970, Linde has been successfully providing Wet Air Oxidation (WAO) technology, offering one-stop solutions extending from concept through to commissioning for spent caustic treatment plants. We offer everything from state-of-the-art design and engineering to supply of prefabricated skids and aftersales service.

We have dealt with virtually every kind of spent caustic stream generated in a refinery or a petrochemical complex and have developed an economical technology portfolio to treat this poisonous waste. This is complemented by additional units such as hydrocarbon stripper, oil removal and offgas disposal systems. These are combined on a case-by-case basis so that the final oxidized and neutralized effluent is suitable for discharge to a conventional biological treatment system.

In addition, we work with other contractors and licensees during early project development to finalize process schemes, concept layouts and utility requirements. This gives contractors and licensees early and valuable input into the key parameters needed to design downstream wastewater treatment facilities and ensure they are fit for purpose.

Ethylene plant in Antwerp, Belgium

Advantage of Linde’s Wet Air Oxidation Process

Environmental regulation compliance based on client requirements

  • Low-pressure process for treatment of spent caustic up to <10 wt PPM sulfides
  • Medium-pressure process for treatment of spent caustic up to <1 wt PPM sulfides
  • Zero chemical sludge generated during WAO process

High operational reliability

  • Low tendency to foul typical of low-pressure technology translates into higher reliability
  • Inherently safe system due to low pressure and low temperature
  • The process is easy to handle due to a simple control system and a flexible load range
Petrochemical plant

Low investment and operating cost

  • High-grade materials not required for design, resulting in low investment cost
  • Dedicated air compressor or high-pressure pumps/system not necessarily required
  • Optimized operating cost at minimum CAPEX with low-pressure process

Prefabricated module / skid-mounted project execution approach

  • Fast execution of project and adherence to schedule
  • Reduced construction costs and logistics efforts, thanks to modularized skids
  • Limited period of on-site construction resulting in minimal site activity
  • Improved quality and safety, also thanks to compliance with codes and standards such as ASME, CE and KGS
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360 Degree VR Experience

Linde is committed to provide its Wet Air Oxidation technology from concept to commissioning for Refinery & Petrochemical Complexes. Linde designs, supplies, constructs and provides after sales service for spent caustic treatment plants. Today, Linde is one of the leading global end to end solution provider for such plants. Based on the environmental regulations, Linde selects either of Low Pressure or Medium Pressure process configurations to minimize investment and optimize operating cost. (Please open in Google Chrome)

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